Kamikaze Fly

14 09 2013


The following is my post for 12/09/2013 which I forgot to actually post:

I am not good at slowing down. So I am finding my unexpected day off (having put my back out) a tad taxing.

Ignoring my frustration with the crippling pain each time I attempt to shift my position or, heaven forefend, do something as crazy as try to stand up there is a kamikaze fly occupying my living room.

I am not great with repetitive sounds for example dripping taps or car alarms, so my tolerance for the endless drone of this creature doing circuits is limited.

It would be less objectionable if the circuit did not include an area one inch from my face.

As a result I have transformed into a fly catching ninja armed with my fly spray ready to pounce when the damn thing comes within my sight – but it is crafty and with my limited mobility and lumbering pace I may appear less ninja and more lumbering awkward and troll-like (for those of you have seen “The Hobbit”).

I am determined to put an end to my tormentor once and for all if I can only catch the pesky critter.





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