Happiness is…

14 09 2013

Love is

Today has made me realise how much I miss Saturdays.

I have had the most blissful morning of marital bliss snuggled up with FFOMC on the sofa drinking decaf tea, munching on corn flakes, watching cartoons and snuggling. OK the choice of Hulk & Smash (I think) and Avengers Assemble may not have been my choice, but I would have watched almost anything while I was curled up in his arms contented as a kitten.

I return to my part time weekend job in a week and I will miss these effortless and precious moments just enjoying each other’s company after our working week.

After 14 wonderful years together it is safe to say that the first flush of romance has long departed, but it has been replaced by something even more valuable and enduring.

The next opportunity to while away a lazy Saturday morning will be over the Christmas break – so I plan to make the most of the next few hours with no distractions or commitments.




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