I’m Keyser Soze

11 09 2013


Courtesy of what I can only describe as my nocturnal gymnastics – not the fun kind I might add – but as a result of my inability to sleep; I have put my back out.

After tossing and turning all night, I woke this morning with a very tender lower back. Assuming that I could simply “walk it off” during the day, I drove to work as usual. On arrival my exit from the car was far from glamorous and a full day of teaching did little to resolve the issue. My students giggled and tee-hee’d as I staggered awkwardly through the corridors like a baby deer learning to walk.

It is fair to say that I spent the entire day part 75 year old woman due to my snail’s pace and broken posture and part duck, with my bum sticking out in a most ungainly manner. Kevin Spacey would have envied my physicality as I would have made an excellent character study for his role Roger Kint in The Usual Suspects.

My HOD took pity on me in my last lesson and sent me home. Several hours, a few co-codamol and a hot bath later, I am still feeling very sorry for myself and I am not entirely certain that I will make it to work tomorrow 😦




2 responses

11 09 2013
Mischief64 - AKA Caroline Fosbury

Sorry to hear your still feeling poorly. Take notice of your body, listen to the good advice and take care of yourself. Your duck impressions, while very good, are not the way we want to see you. Get well soon.

11 09 2013

Thank you, trying to follow advice and not move – however this is a bit of a challenge for me 😦

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