Visiting the Folks

9 09 2013


On my most recent visit to see my family in Northern Ireland they expressed their dissatisfaction at how rarely FFOMC and I visit. It was pointed out to me that August marked my first visit in two years and we struggled to recall when FFOMC was last in Northern Ireland to visit his in-laws.

However an opportunity has presented itself and my Mother is in the process of sorting out flights for us to stay for a couple of days over the Halloween half term. I could not be more excited.

When I was still living at home Mum and Dad started throwing an annual Halloween party. They really went for it with decorations, sparklers and fireworks, bobbing for apples and other such festive activities.

I love the idea of introducing FFOMC to this tradition. I can picture him nestled in the family fold, competing with my brother-in-laws, assisting my Dad with the more troublesome fireworks and donning the mandatory mittens before spelling his name in the air with his sparkler.

Mum has been super organised and has started rallying round and sending invites and has already secured verbal RSVP’s with intentions to attend.

It is great to have a big family event to look forward to especially at the beginning of the school term when the summer holiday already feels like it was months ago and Christmas is still a far off dream.





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