Lack of Motivation

8 09 2013


My absence from the world of blogging for the past two days is evidence of my current lack of motivation.

This is not specifically related to my postaday target but a more general feeling.

I am not sure if it is due to my lack of sleep over the past week, the start of the new academic term, the fact that I have felt a little ill over the past few days, my endeavours to kick stat a healthier lifestyle or some other mysterious cause but I am finding that I have little “get up and go” right now.

But the new term is now firmly in swing and I am getting back to my usual routine. That said I am trying to seriously reduce the work I do outside of my working hours.

My health kick is well underway. I had breakfast most days – including a massive bowl of “Rice Krispies” one morning, I have increased my daily fruit intake despite my ongoing reluctance, preferring to source my 5 a day from vegetables and fermented grape. On that note I have only have two glasses of red wine in a week and I am taking vitamin supplements to ward off potential bugs and virus from snotty teenagers. I have also stuck to decaf tea and coffee although I am drinking far more cups as my body will not accept that the usually affects of these beverages is not kicking in.

Hopefully my efforts will pay off and I will start to reap the rewards of my healthy lifestyle and I will start to feel a little more like making things happen rather than my current state of “BLEUGH”.






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