The future father of my children…hasn’t slept for 3 nights.

28 08 2013

sleep and snuggles

At about 5pm today I texted FFOMC to let him know I was en route home from Northern Ireland.

He was very excited to receive this news as he had got it into his head that I was not coming home until tomorrow. I should mention that this little gem of information was immediately followed by the confession that the house had not been cleaned since I left on Sunday and the holiday washing I did not have time to complete before my departure was still on the floor where I had optimistically placed it next to the machine.

When I got home I made a start on putting our flat in order, anxous for him to return to me.

He looked extremely happy to see me and said he has not had a single nights unbroken sleep while I have been away.

It’s funny that when you are used to sharing your bed with someone on a long term basis – however much they irritate you – you cannot sleep without them by your side. I experienced the same thing while I stayed in NI.

I missed his warmth; his strong arms wrapped round me, his ability to steal the covers and even (can’t believe I am saying this) his snoring.

I am looking forward to snuggles tonight and hopefully we will both enjoy a restful night’s sleep before he drives to work tomorrow and I attempt to finish my household tasks before my return to work next week.






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