27 08 2013


Short break with the folks.
In a bid to stock the cupboards for my stay Datty and I paid a visit to the off-licence.
Unfortunately none of my usual choices of red wine were available. I have never given much thought to what type of wine I like prefering my tried and tested method of recognising the labels.
As I stared gormously at the shelves I was approached by the spotty, lank haired shop assistant and asked if I needed help.
Unusually I accepted this offer of help assuming that someone who works in a wine shop may have a little more specialised knowledge than I did.
My needs were simple: red, bitter, not fruity, South African.
The assistant placed his index finger on his lips tilted his head and frowned in concentration as he examined the bottles.
When it became apparent that no suggestion was forthcoming I scanned the labels and seeing a bottle with a picture of a giraffe on it I announced that i would take it. I figured as we were both clueless it was as good a reason as any.
It turned out to be very enjoyable and well suited to my taste.




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