First experience of Reflexology

8 08 2013


In an attempt to “let go” and relax during my summer holiday; I booked a reflexology session. It was recommended to me by a friend. I didn’t really know what to expect, but I do find my job stressful and I struggle to “switch off” so a bit of “me time” is always a welcome experience.

The session cost £35 for 40-60mins. In actual fact I was in there for just over an hour.

I was asked to lie on a couch while a therapist applied pressure to my feet. It is all to do with nerve endings and the belief that each part of the foot is in some way linked to a part of the body.

The therapist started with some basic “warming up” exercises which I think were simply to get me relaxed and accustomed to her touching my feet – something some people cannot abide.

I was told that any pressure applied to my left foot would impact n the left side of my body, whereas pressure to my right foot would affect the right hand side of my body. I relaxed very quickly and after only a short time I felt a warming sensation in my left ear. The therapist asked about my ear almost simultaneously with my feeling this sensation.

She was able to tell that I had pain in my right arm that had been there for some time, cramps in my abdomen and a lot of tension in my mid to lower back.

I can honestly say t was one of the most relaxing and enlightening experiences I have ever had.

Apparently, I was extremely receptive to the treatment – I was aware of the odd pinch here and there – but she said that she was able to apply more pressure than usual to a first timer. However I was also warned of after effects. I am currently experience some discomfort in my back and stomach. Nothing serious but I feel like I have done a work out.

I will definitely return and would recommend this treatment to anyone looking for a way of escaping from the stresses and strains of day to day life for an hour a week and looking after your general health.





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