The three bears

2 08 2013

I love my Mom & Dad

ONCE UPON A TIME there were three bears. They lived together in a house on the outskirts of a town called Carrickfergus.

There was a Great, Big Datty Bear, a Mommy Bear and a Daughter Bear. They were a happy little family but they didn’t stay alone for ever. They were joined by a Little Bear and a Baby Bear.

They all enjoyed their morning porridge together before walking out into the big wide world to explore their separate interests.

One day, after they had made the porridge for their breakfast, Datty and Mommy Bear went on a journey to take Daughter Bear to university. She had visited many universities. Some were too snobbish, some were too laid back but one college was just right.

Mommy and Datty Bear were very sad when they took Daughter Bear on that final journey far away from Carrickfergus and left her in a strange land. But although she missed Mommy Bear, Datty Bear, Little Bear and Baby Bear she was happy so she spent three happy years studying before going out on her own into the big bad world.

While she was at uni Daughter Bear met Boyfriend Bears. Some were too frigid, some were too fresh but one Boyfriend Bear was just right and she married him and he became Husband Bear.

Now Husband Bear and Daughter Bear live in a rented leaky roofed flat and want to buy their own little cottage somewhere. But some cottages are too expensive, some are too tatty but there is one that looks like it might be just right. So for the first time in over three years Datty Bear, Mommy Bear, Daughter Bear and Husband Bear are enjoying some time together looking at houses, eating wonderful meals out together and catching up.

It has been way to long so the Bears have decided to make sure they visit each other way more often.

The End.



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