The future father of my children…has passed his driving test

31 07 2013
Driving bunny

Chauffeur Bunny

I was a bundle of nerves when I woke up this morning. FFOMC was taking his driving test at 8:30am.

His provisional licence and first 10 hours of lessons were part of his Christmas present. So in January he started his lessons with instructor Clive and despite his initial reluctance and the carefree attitude towards driving that has characterised his adult life, he has thoroughly enjoyed the experience and has always been very animated on his return from lessons updating me with his weekly progress. However, it has also been a costly process, with the price of lessons, theory and practical tests adding up to a staggering amount.

Today was his first practical test and I watched him before he left the house this morning, as he greedily scanned the pages of his little hand book before his pre test “warm up”.

I am delighted to report that it will be his only test as he passed first time with no minors.

In honour of this achievement he has earned the new title of “CHAUFFEUR-BUNNY“.

I plan to benefit from this newly acquired skill of his and may even buy him a special hat and make him call me ‘Miss Zehira’ when he takes me out and about.

I will ensure that his instruction does not end here of course and will repay him for all his extremely helpful advice over the last 6 months by correcting all his faults from the backseat as he has done. In the spirit of helping him to elevate himself from novice to advanced status I am sure he will want as much practice as possible when he acquires a car so I will be delighted to give him the privilege of being the designated driver on nights out, weddings, parties etc. Never mind him “earning his independence” – having been his personal taxi service for years I look forward to the freedom I will enjoy and getting something for my initial investment in making FFOMC a driver.





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31 07 2013

whoop,whoop!!!! Congrats !! Happy motoring and drive safe :D:D:D:D

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