The Boat House Chertsey

30 07 2013

Boat House Chertsey

Over lunch today I enjoyed the above view with a beloved friend.

I had promised to take her to lunch over the summer holidays to The Boat House near her home. I feel particularly attached to this restaurant because when I first moved to England it was the last stop made by my parents and I on our long drive down from Scotland. It is almost 15 years later and my return visit did not disappoint.

The overcast sky and sporadic rain today meant that the venue was not overly crowded at lunch but I understand it can be very busy on sunny days and given the view of the river and arrival of countless barges to entertain diners, I am hardly surprised by this.

We chose a table overlooking the river and were presented with about 5 menus. I can find this off putting but it is nice to have a choice.

We had decided to have two courses – a starter and a main.

I opted for the soup of the day; vegetable and feta and my friend choose muscles in a white wine creamy, garlic sauce. These were reasonably priced for starter dishes but the portions were enormous. Both dishes were served with fresh white rolls and were absolutely delicious. The soup was creamy and thick, just as I like it, cram packed with vegetables and bursting with flavour requiring no additional seasoning. The individual muscles were small but the large portion more than made up for this. Neither of us finished our starters as we had ordered a second course and felt that as a lunch the starter would have been sufficient on its own.

We requested a small gap between courses and unfortunately due to the efficiency of the kitchen staff our main came out almost immediately. The waiters returned our meals to the kitchen and although we were perfectly happy for our meals to be kept under a hot lamp the chef insisted that he prepare a fresh meal for each of us when we were ready, despite our protests.

As a main I chose the roast corn fed chicken breast stuffed with chorizo and served with dauphinoise potatoes and  mushroom and tarragon sauce while my friend mixed and matched the herb crusted rump of lamb with duchesses potatoes and root vegetables. Again both meals were superb. The meat was cooked to perfection with the lamb being particularly impressive; well cooked with well balanced flavours all complimenting one another.

Neither my friend nor I have visited The Boat House in some time and we were expecting traditional pub grub. It was the venue that appealed more than the standard of the food. However the portion size, quality of the meals and the outstanding presentation surpassed expectation. It is worth mentioning that the waiters were extremely welcoming and eager to please. They revealed that the head chef who had prepared our dishes has been with the restaurant for only a year – I hope they manage to hold onto him because he has a real passion and obvious talent.

I would highly recommend The Boat House for a meal out but make sure you bring with you a big appetite!




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30 07 2013

LOL email horoscope for today suggested: Meet up with someone over lunch, if possible — sharing a meal can bring people closer even if things are weird on a deeper level.

Made me giggle!

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