New Dress

28 07 2013


Following my shopping trip yesterday I have been anxious to road test all of my purchases before my upcoming holiday.

Today it was a chance to try out my new dress – a purchase which came with some unexpected side effects.

It is figure hugging and has a gorgeous Aztec print. I have accessorised with a black belt and sparkly jelly sandals.

Add to this my new properly fitting underwear and a confident glow that accompanies all outfits when worn for the first time and I feel a million dollars – this has not been lost on FFOMC. He appears to extremely taken with my new look and has had amorous intentions since I first wiggled my way into my new dress this morning.

I have never taken a keen interest in my appearance as it seems a tireless and high maintenance endeavour to do so but I have enjoyed FFOMC’s lustful gaze and knowing that I look well. I have previously mentioned that I lost a lot of weight very suddenly and unexpectedly – one friend has had the courtesy of being honest about the fact that for some time I looked drawn and overwrought for a while. However I am feeling more myself and although I have not put back on every pound that I lost I am looking healthier in recent weeks than I did 5 months ago.

I hope my new dress is a hit in the Dominican Republic in 11 days time and that I continue to feel this confident under the watchful eye of my husband.





One response

30 07 2013

I LOVE aztec prints! Great blog!
Do check out my blog:
I recently started blogging! Followed btw 🙂

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