Best shopping trip of the year!

27 07 2013

Shopping bags

Today FFOMC and I went on our annual shopping expedition to purchase the necessities for our summer holiday.

This traditionally starts with a visit to a range of local economy stores to purchase vests and tank tops, skirts, dresses and swimwear.

Then we move on to buy our sun cream, after sun, miscellaneous toiletries and of course sunglasses – which FFOMC loses each year making it necessary to buy replacements every 12 months.

I love this shopping trip. Not only is it one of only two trips that we are guaranteed to make together, but we also have a pub lunch and discuss at length our plans for our two weeks together in the sun and life and its many complexities.

I love the anticipation of a foreign trip. We love our time together and all that entails; for us this means, in no particular order: welcome drinks, travel, the sun, the beach, experiencing other cultures, towel animals, evening entertainment, excursions, cocktails, applying sunscreen and after sun to one another, getting a tan, swimming pools, meeting new people, aqua aerobics, synchronised swimming, BBQ’s and beach grills, sand on our toes, waves crashing, long romantic walks, flip flops, amazing views, swim up pools, reading a dozen books, all inclusive, food, drinks, water sports, amazing waiters, snuggles, air conditioning, balconies, postcards, discos, sunsets, ancient ruins, water polo, traditional dance, museums, hammocks, drinking from a coconut, palm trees.

I cannot wish my summer holiday away but I am really looking forward to our next adventure together in 12 days!




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