On Hold

26 07 2013

On Hold

I have just worked out that it is 13 days until FFOMC and I depart for the Dominican Republic.

This is of course cause for celebration however I am falling into the classic trap of spending my days “waiting”.

I seem to spend a lot of my life not truly living in the moment but waiting for significant milestones or events. These range from the fairly insignificant wait for the end of a school day or FFOMC getting home from work; to the longer waiting games for the start of a new TV series, release of a book or film or even the next holiday. On a long term basis I have my eyes on other goals such as buying a home or becoming a parent.

I sometimes feel like I have placed myself on hold.

I cannot fast forward through life – nor should I want to – so it is time for me to press play.

I am not going to sit round in a daytime TV induced coma simply waiting for my holiday to roll around I need to view the next 13 days as part of my holiday – god knows I have been looking forward to it and it has felt like an eternity coming round.

I need some projects to occupy my time other than housekeeping, blogging and catching up with school work.

Suggestions gratefully received – must be inexpensive and relaxing.

First project is to do some reading. So with that in mind I am switching off the TV and settling down on my sofa with a nice cup of tea to finish reading the book that has sat gathering dust on my bedside table since Christmas.




One response

26 07 2013

Reading is a great way to spend your time. What about scrapbooking? This is an outlet for creativity that helps you record those important moments in life. Of course, I’m writing a book, but that’s not something everyone wants to do.
What I’ve noticed about constantly looking forward is the the anticipation forms expectations and most expectations are unrealistic and thus lead to disappointment.
Make every day special. Cook a new recipe or set the table for a romantic dinner. Every moment can be savored since it will never come again.

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