Experience days

20 07 2013


It is my first Saturday off for the summer holidays.

Even though I still have two days at work next week, I have had one hell of a year and as far as I am concerne the summer starts today.

The weather is gorgeous and I want to be out and about doing non school related stuff. So in about an hour I am off to London with FFOMC and two good friends. We plan to visit the Natural History museum fo a bit of culture – I know I should be excited about the dinsosaurs but I am really excited to see the amazing building.


Natural History Museum

After an afternoon bumbling round we have booked into a restaurant, but not just any restaurant. We will be dining in the dark. The premise is that by removing one of the senses – in this case sight – that other senses are heightened. To add to the experience, we will not know exactly what we are eating. Diners can choose between one of 4 themes for the menu: Chefs surprise which seems to be exotic, Seafood, Meat or Vegetarian. I havent decided what I will opt for yet and do not know what to expect from the experience – although it does remind me of a risky novel I read recently which deals with the sexual reawakening of a woman when her sight is removed – I doubt it is the same thing!


I will no doubt have plenty to say about the experience when I get home.




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