Flowers and Tears

16 07 2013


This evening brought with it some lovely flowers, (pictured above), and a lot of tears.

Second (and last), night of A Midsummer Night’s Dream and my students were bloody amazing!

For students of 13/14 years old to master Shakespeare is impressive enough but to do so and perform in such an assured and professional manner in only 6 weeks is nothing short of amazing.

After the show they did their thank you bit and invited myself and my colleague onto the stage. I had been a bit tearful during their final song but had managed to compose myself, my colleague had tears streaming down her face.

They presented us with beautiful flowers and cards and matching butterfuly necklaces. We were declared Queen’s of the fairies and the head teacher even made a short speech expressing how impressed he was with our wonderful students.

But for both of us it was bitter-sweet as it is our last project together as my dear friend is due to leave at the end of the school year. I am devastated to lose her and in total denial that she is actually going.

I have loved every second we have worked together and feel she has made me a better teacher.

Despite our shared melancholy about being seperated after 3 years of my most successful working partnership ever – we are going out on a high.

Emmie – working with you has been “A DREAM” xx




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