Opening Night

15 07 2013

Opening Night

Tonight is the opening night of my small scale studio production of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream“.

It has only been 6 weeks in the making but it feels like we have been working on it for an eternity!

But tonight my Yr9 students will finally receive a public audience.

The last 6 weeks have been very intense and I cannot help but wonder: why did we do it in such a short time period? I could bore you with the details, but sufficient to say that it has been a busy time for my colleague and I.

As always – I have not a clue of whether or not my cast are actually ready to perform for “other people” but come what may, they will do so tonight.

Throughout the day today I will be welcoming KS3 audiences, and their teachers, to view my work & that of my students. This evening FFOMC and my father-in-law will (reluctantly) make the annual trip to my school to see the finished product that I have been talking about and working towards for months. My mother-in-law will also be attending on night two.

As always – our kids are fantastic and highly motivated. I am confident that we have selected the right students to take leading roles and we have worked collaboratively on the design concept and included other departments in this project who have made our costumes & props.

I only hope that the old saying: “it will be all right on the night” holds true for us.

Last week, the student’s who will be performing tonight, took their external exam. I can only hope that this was a positive experience that will motivate them when it comes to their final end of year public performance.

As we say in the performance arts industry “break a leg”.

But I will go furthur to say: “Yr9, you make me more proud than you will ever realise”

It’s been a great year little bunnies, so for the next two nights make sure that you:





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