It’s what’s inside that counts

14 07 2013


Last week I celebrated my birthday. Another year older but it is clear to me that I am no wiser.

The day itself was a quiet affair spent in the company of FFOMC. Over the last week as I have caught up with friends and family I have received some unexpected belated gifts.

Last night I was presented with a black box by a dear friend. It was completely unexpected and my inner child clawed her way to the surface.

But I was surprised on opening the box to discover that it was completely empty.

On closer inspection I realised that the gift was the box itself; a charming little trinket box; black leather with a fleur de lis pattern. It was intended to accompany a gift received earlier in the week.

Our perception of value is sometimes flawed. Sometimes we take for granted things that are right in front of us and do not see the value in what we have; always looking for and wanting more. Though there is a lot to be said for the old adage “it’s what’s inside that counts” – it would appear that this is not always the case and sometimes we need to take things on face value and find happiness in what we have.





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14 07 2013
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