Living “The Dream”

12 07 2013

A Midsummer Nights Dream image

Rehearsals for “The Dream” are going well and the kids have really risen to the challenge.

At the end of an incredibly stressful week for my little bunnies, we did a full run through today.

The circumstances were far from ideal. It was painfully hot. We were in the canteen. Our improvised set involved tables strategically placed to represent our stage blocks. Some members of the cast including principal roles would occasionally disappear for about 20 minutes or so to take their external exam. Stress levels were extremely high and tempers were frayed.

But there was plenty of good news.

The kids have finally realised that A Midsummer Night’s Dream is actually a comedy. Hermia’s stern rebuke of Lysander’s advances when she warns him to “Lie further off” is hilarious. We all giggled as Helena begged unashamedly for Demetrius love and Egeus facial expressions when it dawns on him that his beloved daughter has been discovered asleep next to Lysander having spent the night with him a forest are absolutely priceless.

The kids also did their own make-up designs today with some amazing and creative choices. The back stage crew happily painted thrones and stage blocks and despite the high stress levels it was an extremely productive day.

We will know whether it has all been worth it on Monday – opening night.

However I have realised that in a production set in a forest that I have failed to cast any children in the coveted role of “a tree”.

I feel I am a disgrace to the drama teaching profession.

I have let the myself down, let the kids down, in fact I have let everyone down!

Keep “dreaming”!





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