External Exams

9 07 2013


As I write this post I have just completed one full day of external LAMDA examinations with my Yr9 students and I still have three days to go.

The course was restarted last year – having been brought to a stop some time ago due to the cost of entering students.

I was informed by the examiner today that it is extremely rare to find a LAMDA course in a state secondary school and I am extremely proud of all that we have accomplished with our amazing students. We have created a diverse course incorporating the LAMDA specification as well as introducing students to a wide range of genres and techniques that will prepare them for future study of Drama and Theatre. We do not make it easy for them and include topics such as: Staislavski, Brecht, Musical Theatre and Shakespeare all in one year taught at a standard more typicaly associated with A-Level. The kids respond extremely well and so far they have exceeded our expectations.

That said – the examination process is exhausting!

Spending an entire day with sweaty, anxious students in this extreme heat is in itself a challenge. Taking on the multiple roles of; teacher, mentor, counsellor, friend, ally, to name but a few is definitely taxing.

I have had so many memorable moments already delivering this course. Like the time I let my own T-Shirt to a student who had forgotten to bring his “actors blacks”; or the time when I had to drive a child to and from his exam because he couldnt make it to school. There are several occassions I can recall when I could have washed my hands and declared that it was not part of my job role to resolve the ridiculous position I was placed in but these decisions have never caused me to experience a sense of regret; I want to see all of my students achieve and succeed.

Despite the fact that my students currently think I am the “Wicked Witch of the West”, I am very proud of them although they will never truly appreciate how desperately I want what is best for them.

Good luck LAMDA bunnies – you are amazing; although you will never truly come to know how much I care about each and every one of you you and how much I do to ensure that you achieve the success that you deserve.




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