Sausage rolls and houmous

7 07 2013

Picnic at Farnham Park 07072013

Glorious sunshine today and in Britain that means one of two things:

1/ BBQ

2/ A Picnic

We opted for the later. FFOMC and I decided that it would be criminal to sit in the flat when it was 82 degrees outside and our flat is unbearably hot in the summer even with our fan on 24/7, so we made the bold decision to “go out”.

Anyone who has followed my Blog over the last year will appreciate that this represents extreme personal growth for FFOMC.

We went to our local store to purchase the necessary provisions for an impromptu picnic. The shopping list was as follows:



Sausage Rolls

Scotch Egg

Cheese and Onion Pasty

Mini Salami


Cooked meats




We sat in the sun together on our newly purchased beach towel and read our books in the sun. It was glorious. FFOMC is dismissive of my desire to own a decent picnic basket but I feel that it will be an item that will feature in our futures together.

I hope everyone enjoyed the sun today – because let’s face it – that may well have been our British summer done and dusted.




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