I am not the person I planned to be

5 07 2013


At the tender age of 13 I had my life all planned out.

I knew exactly how I wanted my life to take shape and I definitely knew who and what I wanted to be.

With my next birthday minutes rather than hours away I find myself contemplating:


1/ What did I want to do with my life?

2/ Did I suceed?

3/ If not then why not?

4/ Have I replaced my childhood fantasies with something better and more meaningful?

5/ Where do I go from here?

6/ Am I a better or worse person for all the changes I have experienced?


Have you ever questioned the choices you have made? And if you could change one thing about your life, what would it be?





One response

6 07 2013

It is human nature to wonder “what if…” In fact , it is by asking myself that question that the myriad stories I imagine unfold and become more compelling.
The one thing I would change: I would have continued to write from high school and would have pursued publishing instead of being discouraged by rejections and then side-tracked by the responsibilities of marriage and motherhood. If I would have poured my creativity onto the page instead of worrying about money, I know I wouldn’t still be waiting to break into the published realm.

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