Project: Book Summer Holiday

2 07 2013

raising moneyProject “Summer Holiday 2013” is in full swing.

Usually FFOMC and I book our summer holiday in January as a way of beating the Winter Blues. But this year for a host of reasons – I wont bore you them – with we have delayed until now.

Having realised just how close the summer break is, I decided on Saturday that the time had come to book. You may have realised from previous posts that although I take my time to make decisions – once a decision has been made I expect results immediately!

We found the perfect place, just within our budget, adult only, all inclusive for a fortnight. FFOMC then threw a spanner in the works when he revealed that his confidence in his ability to book any time off that he pleased, was just a tad niave.

I waited with baited breath until he got home on Monday evening to make our booking. But as I updated the intrenet booking forms, the little extra costs started to mount up. I started to reconsider just how flexible my plastic wallet friend actually is, especialy this early in the month.

The problem is not lack of funds as such, but more getting access to these funds at a moments notice.

Holiday plans are currently pending and I am growing increasingly frustrated as the desire to book our next great escape mounts.”




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