Book Concept

28 06 2013

conceptWell who would have thought that inspiration would strike at random on an otherwise typical Friday evening.

It came during an episode of The Apprentice while I was “kind of” writing a totally unrelated blog post (but in truth I was mainly ordering a take away meal for FFOMC and I from a local Indian Restaurant). But I digress; in short, this evening, the concept for my own work of fiction conveniently popped into existence out of nowhere.

I did post about the idea of writing a novel a while ago and have been wracking my brains since then for an original idea to get me started. I have no idea where my idea actually came from, but it has taken shape this evening and I can see a way to at the very least develop my thoughts.

To get the ball rolling I have decided that  tomorrow I will utilise the Evernote download suggested by FFOMC to map out a very sketchy storyline over the next week or so. Then I can start to build some character profiles to inhabit the world of the story that I have in mind.

By this time next week I will hopefully have committed some of my meandering thoughts onto my laptop hard drive.

I am excited about the idea of starting a more concrete project. This is a terrific project, especially at a time when I am feeling a little deflated and unmotivated after my very own “DRAGON” took a bit of a battering this week but I am full of confidence that she will be available to edit and make changes as I start to commit my thoughts to B&W.

So watch this space!




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