Good Deeds

25 06 2013


I am the eldest in a family of three girls. Thanks to, what I understand was extreme tenacity on the part of my parents; I have been blessed with two wonderful younger sisters.

Sister 1: Mother to two wonderful boys with a loving partner who is a fantastic step-father to her eldest son. She is plagued with constant anxiety about the well-being of all of her “boys”. Working life has been a struggle due to finding a work life balance and being treated poorly by former employers.

Sister 2: Owner of two gorgeous Labradors and wife to a loving and romantic husband. They are desperate to be parents and are in the process of trying to start their own family but ongoing ill health is a major barrier to both their financial position and their prospects of becoming parents.

Sufficient to say, both of my sisters have a hard time. They are not in particularly well paid jobs and seem to be first in line when it comes to adopting additional difficulties in their personal circumstances – they have both definitely drawn the short straw.

As the eldest I am ashamed to say that I am not around anywhere near as often as I should be as I moved to England in my late teens and even worse with building pressures in my own job, I missed both of their birthdays in April this year – EPIC FAIL!

I did buy them cards. However they are currently somewhere on my dining room table and I would need to enlist a team of archaeologists to unearth them from the ever increasing volume of teaching debris before I could consider posting them.

However I came up with a master plan. I hoped to show up unexpected in NI for a surprise weekend and take Mommy and my two baby sisters on a spa day. The plan was flawless but due to my own circumstances this never happened – a new plan popped into existence.

My parents have added to their bucket list their plan to take all of their girls on a holiday with their partners and children. FFOMC and I have been wracking our brains to work out holiday plans that will suit. Sister 2 was first and she enjoyed a fabulous cruise with hubby and parents.

In little under a week Sister 1 will take a 2 week all inclusive holiday with Mommy and Datty and her partner and 2 children. She is concerned about finances. I can understand this. After all even on an all inclusive holiday, you want options and having some spare spending money available just in case – is something of a necessity!

I had decided to deposit a small amount of money into both sister’s bank accounts as a belated birthday present.

Following a FB conversation when Sister 1 revealed her anxiety about finances I brought my plans forward and made the deposits before telling her to check her bank balance. It was not a life changing amount of money but the reaction was heart warming.

It is so amazing to be able to treat the people you love. I hope my both enjoy spending the money and that it eases whatever pressures they are currently under. Any time I am in a position to help I fully intend to do so – I only ask for photos showcasing their happy memories with their respective partners and families.




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