Fantasy Cast List – My Inner Self

23 06 2013

Tim Curry

On Friday at work, I was feeling particularly rebellious and mischievous. Although I did nothing when it came to acting on my impulses – which would have lead me into acting totally unprofessionally and going into self destruct mode – I realise that I often have minor rebellious tendencies even if I rarely act on them.

It occurred to me that in the film version of my life, my inner self should definitely be a character in his/her own right. Of course I would need an actor who could fully capture my inner child/deviant/rebel/exhibitionist. An imaginary friend of sorts, who guides me and provides the kind of poor advice that my more rational self ignores in the spirit of self preservation.

But secretly who amongst us would claim that they wouldnt love to throw caution to the wind one day and follow the guidance of our ill advised inner selves?

There is only choice to play this role and it is of course the wonderfully quirky, not to mention extremely talented, Tim Curry.

Just once it would be amazing to follow the mantra: “Dont dream it, be it!




3 responses

23 06 2013

They all float down here….

23 06 2013

I always forget he is in that as well being lessof a King fan than you and FFOMC

25 06 2013

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