Technical Run

21 06 2013

Backstage Crew

In my past life in the Theatre industry I have always been a performer.

I understood the importance of those who worked behind the scenes and respected the work that they did, but as a director I am growing increasingly dependent on my backstage crew. This is becoming a bit of an issue. Over the past few years there have been fewer and fewer upcoming stage management candidates emerging and it is becoming increasingly difficult to stage a production in college without the assistance of strong people working behind the scenes.

Today, during a run of “The Dream” my colleague and I tasked three inexperienced but extremely keen students with winging it on the sound desk. I have been given a mini-disc of soundtracks used in a past production of “The Dream” and am in the process of working out which tracks work with my own reimagining of this classic text.

I was extremely impressed with the initiative taken by these students and grateful that I have a small team who can make up for my own incompetence in the technical side of performance arts. They will be a massive asset to the department in the years to come.

I have also managed to secure the involvement of a few other staff willing to support with making props and costumes and I am finally starting to build an infrastructure. This is helping me to relax about the prospect of future projects as I will not feel so rudderless.

God bless you backstage crew- you make the rest of us look good!




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