The future father of my children…has passed his theory test

19 06 2013

Theory test

FFOMC is one step closer to having a UK driving licence.

I mentioned his growing enthusiasm about the idea of joining the ever increasing ranks of British drivers and *fingers crossed* he will soon be on the road.

Had we both taken our test at 17 we would only have had to deal with the practical test, but as we left it until we were slightly older we both had to take an additional theory test and he has also had to endure a hazard perception test.

Every day I encounter moronic drivers on the road – especially as I work in a school and am surrounded by new drivers still wearing their “P” plates who think they are the next Stig – so I do appreciate the need for ensuring that new drivers have to meet certain criteria before they are permitted to go solo in a their very own tin death trap.


I’m just not entirely sure that their ability to…

A/ Distinguish between a zebra and a pelican crossing

B/ Describe the function of a catalytic converter

C/ Know the percentage of all emissions caused by road transport

…will ultimately guarantee their safety on our roads.


Still – well done FFOMC – may you enjoy just as must success in July when you take the practical exam.





One response

19 06 2013
emmerson fittipaldi

ha ha what great questions ……………………………….not !!! well done for passing though ,makes the practical look easy

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