25.5 Days

17 06 2013

CalendarSince becoming a teacher, I have noticed that my life is divided into these odd little units of action; each one more hideous than the last. It is a little like being on a hamster wheel. Never in any other job role have I counted down to my holidays with this overwhelming sense of desperation. I always know exactly how many weeks I have to go until my next respite from the madness.

At end of day today I have 25.5 working days left until the most glorious of holidays – the summer break.

To honour this I have reviewed my year to date and broken it down into units of action – as I ask my Drama students to do with the plays they study.

TERM 1A/ Acting HOD – This unit includes such delights as the absense of my line manager and the SEF! – Self evaluation form for the department.

TERM 1B/ Teaching by Candle light – Soiree & Carol Service – preparing all exam classes to perform at a public event – my poor, beloved & overworked colleague tasked with preparing students for their A2 exam.


TERM 2A/ What fresh hell is this? – New marking policy was introduced.

TERM 2B/COURSEWORK – enough said, all other life priorities suspended whilst marking hell took over.

EASTER HOLIDAY/ What Easter Holiday?Marking and filling out forms.

TERM 3A/The wrath of Roberts – My line manager returned to work but as she was desk bound I was tasked with the Mid Year Review & managing the department during the Ofsted inspection.

TERM 3B/This seemed like a good idea at the time – With the GCSE mocks, Yr9 Production and external exams still to go I am losing the will to live.

SUMMER HOLIDAY/ The summer is the holy grail of holidays. It is the one time of year when working life is actually suspended. The laptop remains swtched off, the books and essays go into storage, the pressure of exams and coursework has come to an end and some sense of normality returns. I for one cannot wait!

For the first time in a few years FFOMC and I have not yet booked our summer holiday together and are becoming quite twitchy as we need something to look forward to. But the promise of 6 whole weeks of no hassle is soooooo welcome.




One response

17 06 2013
jack dee

yeah right six weeks thanks for reminding us !!!!

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