Game of Thrones Exhibition

15 06 2013

Iron Thone

Dear Game of Thrones,

I am terribly sorry that I had to do this by letter and please realise that this is harder for me that it will be for you; but our relationship just isn’t working out for me. It didn’t have to end this way, but due to your conduct lately I feel it needs to be done. If I am totally honest I feel betrayed and your latest screw up is the final straw.

I take none of the responsibility for this, as it is entitely your fault that we must go our separate ways. To be honest I have always felt like second best. After all, you only ever came to me after being with your American viewers – yes I do know about that, and I have always known, but still I forgave you because I always felt so good when we were together.

I feel you have neglected me and that is what is keeping me from being able to continue this toxic & obsessive relationship. Of course it will not take you long to move on and find a new conquest – probably from Toronto, New York, Sao Paolo, Amsterdam or Belfast, someone that can deal with you standing them up; like when you disappeared for a whole week mid season. And don’t think I have forgotten your cruel practical joke on April 1st, when you lied to me and said that Peter Dinklage was to be replaced by Warwick Davis. In fact it seems that you always disappear for months on end and expect to find me waiting for you when you eventually return to grace me with your presence.

But the final straw was when I learned of your G.O.T. exhibition, you cannot begin to understand my disappointment. Oh yes, I’ve seen the photos, they’re all over the damn internet. It looks like a fabulous time was had by all – including my little sister – how could you? Yes I have seen the pictures she posted on Facebook; looks like she made herself quite comfortable on the Iron Throne when you were in Belfast.

But I am not a jealous person, I applauded your success and immediately after discovering the existence of the exhibition I happily tapped away at my laptop trying to find out how I could attend to show my support, only to discover that I was to be excluded.

I will miss our Monday nights together. Remember the time you introduced me to Drogo? Or the Whitewalkers? I was there for the birth of the dragons and of course there was the time that you took me to the Red Wedding.

I am glad we are going in our separate directions. In time we may be friends again – perhaps in time for the next season. No doubt you will not struggle to find someone new who will love you as I have done.

I wish you happiness and success.


If you want to read about the G.O.T. exhibition look here:

If you need to draft a break up letter to someone look here:




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15 06 2013


15 06 2013

Glad you approve 🙂

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