The Gun Shop

14 06 2013



For the first time in my life I had occasion to walk into a gun shop.

This was definitely out of my comfort zone and given the reaction from the manager, somewhat against the odds; it would appear that I do not fit – who would have thought it – their usual customer profile.

I have often walked past this little inconspicuous shop on the street where I live and given it little thought other than – gosh I live in an area with an odd selection of stores.

When I walked into the store after a tiring day in full bohemian attire, twiddling my hair betwixt thumb and forefinger and looking entirely out of my depth surrounded by weapons and fishing attire as far as the eye could see; the manager looked a little confused by my presence.

He glared at me with suspicion over his half moon spectacles when I “ummed” and “ahhed” my way through a hesitant request peppered with vocal stabilisers for help in sourcing camouflage netting to create a fairy bowyer.

I am fairly confident that he believed I was taking the proverbial.

However it was clearly a quiet day and I was not being a particular bother or conflicting with any “real” customers so he gave me great advice and actually helped me to secure a donation for my production. This meant I was able to spend more in his store buying a mesh material normally used by fishermen, I think, that I have transformed into a curtain to dress the set for my upcoming production.

I have of course added flowers and adornments that have totally deminished the manly purpose these items were originally intended for and they look blinking terrific.









2 responses

14 06 2013
jack dee

i know the gunshop well bought mine from there i am shocked that you visited it you should have got me to escort you

15 06 2013

NAH! I can handle myself, Ive watched a few Martial arts films and I have my stage combat certificates and on top of that – apparently I can be quite scary

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