13 06 2013


I have written recently about my unplanned, unexpected & definitely unwanted weight loss.

Despite never having been overweight, I have always been curvy and I have always been fine with that. I have never subscribed to the whole body beautiful image thing and if I am totally honest, spending my whole life on the scales seems like a total bore. I am not now, nor have I ever been self conscious about my appearance and as I am in a long term relationship with a man who finds me attractive however ever many inches I put on or lose, I am content to just be healthy.

However based on my experience over the past few months I can understand the addiction people have to losing weight in a bid to achieve the “perfect” figure. I have been lavished with compliments about my new body shape from people who clearly think I have been hitting the gym – don’t make me laugh!!! Or on the other hand those who have actually looked at me properly and asked if I am suffering ill health. Yeah that’s a real boost to ones ego, because illness is definitely a look to which one aspires!

Tonight during a visit to a local family run business the manager asked if I had lost weight. Maybe I should be more worried.

But it was a trip to Debenhams recently to buy new underwear that really shocked me. I used their bra fitting service. Seriously – if you are just guessing your size – pay them a visit they are amazing and it makes a massive difference to wear underwear that actually fits. The girls really take their time and make sure you leave knowing your current size and they match you with the perfect product for your chosen dress, outfit or event that you are shopping for.

However I have discovered that I am currently a 32F not something to brag about, unless of course I seriously intend to swap laminating for latex or become a Barbie! It’s a stupid size to be and very difficult to shop for. Where does one go? You cannot simply pop into Primark. I am in the realms of the internet shopper who must trawl through thousands of unattractive, functional options to find the one that matches function with form.

The answer is clear -lots and lots of pies!




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