The future father of my children…is a gamer

12 06 2013


FFOMC works in the gaming industry and as such he has had a rather busy week.

With E3 on Monday night, he was up very late waching the latest news on upcoming changes to consoles and new titles. He has watched obsessively staying up until the early hours on the evening in question and continuing to watch updates even this evening. As I understand things are manic at work following this event and he is extremely sleepy.

I love that he is as passionate about his job as I am about mine; albeit in a quieter and more composed manner. He loves computer games and plays obsessively. This is very much the same as my own passion for Drama and all things theatrical. In our own individual ways we both celebrate our passions and our jobs are a major part of our lives and identities because our chosen careers reflect our passions.

I truely hope that our future children also grow up to be passionate individuals & find ways of pursuing their passions in their working lives. It would of course be lovely for me if they were budding dramatists or for FFOMC if they were gaming addicts; but in truth I hope that, when we are blessed with children, they will find their own unique obsessions.

FFOMC and I are very different in many ways but we can both identify with the need to find something in life which brings a sense of purpose and drives you forward. Perhaps we will not appreciate the path that our future offspring chose or recognise the value and skill of their chosen field but I think it is important to find your own way in life and as ones job role can easily dominate every waking hour – it might as well be something you truely love and take pleasure in.




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