Right hand – meet left hand

11 06 2013


One of the difficulties of effective management of a large organisation is making sure that everyone knows what is going on. So it is difficult when the right hand doesn’t know what the left hand is doing.

I decided today that there are quite too many hands in my place of work and they are definitely not always working together. Given my recent delight at having established a positive working relationship with some of my valued colleagues – it is frustrating to realise just how much still needs to be done to improve collaborative working practice.

I was charged some time ago with organising some entertainment for a major event and I have been working towards this goal for some time – only to discover that the event co-ordinator was until today, unaware that I had been involved.

Had I put no effort into my plans, I would simply have walked away. However walking away would be a waste of the work I have already put into this project and a slap in the face for each child who has put their heart and soul into creating fabulous pieces of work showcasing the best of what my department has to offer – so screw that.

It has been a VERY LONG YEAR and I will be glad to see it come to an end. But despite minor pitfalls I intend to go out on a bang not a flicker.

If I achieve anything in my job role (other than the obvious target to ensure that my students achieve in their external exams), I am determined to bring departments together, to encourage collaboration and teamwork. After all, we all spend a great deal of time at work yet we often do not draw on the expertise of our colleagues as much as we should, and if we must endure the company of other people perhaps if would be easier if we could find ways of making the experience mutually beneficial and more importantly enjoyable.





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