10 06 2013


Today I had a major breakthrough at work.

I have been at my school for four years. But this year, due to the long term absence of my beloved line manager, I have been up against it. I have attempted to fit into her rather large shoes and found myself somewhat lacking. The main problem I have had, is not my suitability for the role or competence, but the need to have a secure infrastructure.

As a Drama teacher I am keenly aware of the importance of collaboration. Creating a dramatic performance requires a substantial effort and sustained collaborative engagement from colleagues prepared to offer support and more importantly put in the hours with you, if you want to create a successful cohesive end product.

As I am currently rehearsing “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”, during a recent faculty meeting I requested any support colleagues were willing to offer. In whole school productions the design elements are normally out-sourced to external volunteers but unfortunately these are not my own contacts and in the absence of my colleague I am up the proverbial creek without a paddle.

Today I have had colleagues from three departments come to me begging me to set them tasks to help them fill the lessons between now and the end of the school year. Their kids have completed their exams and need a sense of purpose and a clear end goal to work towards.

This could be my salvation. As someone who works my kids right to the end of the year it is a blessing to have people willing to offer support and my colleague and I have a lot to do if we are going to pull this off in the short time frame we have given ourselves.

I love having the opportunity to bring teams together and wish that there were more opportunities to undertake collaborative projects that bring school communities together and recognise that every cog in the wheel however small, really, really matters.






2 responses

11 06 2013

From a small cog, thanks for this post. More teamwork is essential in this age of declining budgets, understaffing and burgeoning class sizes.
I’m heading to the last day of class for my middle schoolers in an hour. Hope the rest of your school year flows and you find all the resources you need to rock Shakespeare.

11 06 2013

Thank you Sharon, its a busy “wind down” to summer but its all good 🙂

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