Drama Teacher = Best job in the world

7 06 2013

Drama Teacher

The last few days at school have been very UP and DOWN.

Last night I felt a little let down and disrespected but I will not go into the full detail – let’s just say that I was ready to put my gown and mortar board out to pasture.

But today I was living the dream – a dream of the midsummer’s variety – and in an instant I was reminded of the reasons I love my job so much.

The cast list was finalised about a month ago. However; the stress of coursework submission dates and a sudden Ofsted visit meant that rehearsals were delayed much longer than we would have originally hoped. The kids only received their scripts on Monday, when we started rehearsals. This was a baptism by fire for those kids who are uncomfortable with Shakespeare.

From now we have about 5 weeks to get these kids ready for their external LAMDA exam and at the same time block, rehearse and polish a production that will be performed for a paying, public audience – no pressure!

However; after only 5 hours rehearsal, my colleague and I made our budding actors run the sections we have blocked thus far and it was fan-flipping-tastic!

Our set is coming along – the army have donated camouflage netting that in its past life was used to disguise a tank. We have added flowers to it to create a fairy bower and draped it over our scaffolding -it looks amazing. Only EL and I could take ex-army gear and gay it up in this manner!

On a whim I taught the kids a song to use as an intro as they were disappointed we were not doing a musical but by God it sounds & looks fab.

Initially the kids found the material boring, but having been directed but me and colleague (as bonkers as me), they have realised how funny it can be and have started to play the pauses and identify how to bring out the humour for the audience.

The textiles department are super excited about creating the elaborate costumes we have requested; the art department have committed themselves to making props for us and we are starting to think that we may actually pull this off as it is really starting to take shape.

The one sad thing is that this will be my final project with my beloved colleague “Em”. I have worked with her for 3 years now and we are quite the double act. I cannot imagine undertaking this type of project in the future without her support and I will be extremely sad to see her go at the end of this year. But as she does plan to go – this mini production put together in record time alongside an exam will be an amazing way to end the best working relationship I have ever had.

For the final time: Go Team Drama!




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