Advice to new bloggers

2 06 2013


My baby sister called me this evening and apparently I have inspired her to join the blogging community. She is not the first; I appear to have encouraged a number of people to “give it a go”. This is really flattering but having been inspired by two blogging friends myself I remember reading their blogs and wondering how on earth they had mananged to come up with topics to write about.

My sister has only written a few posts so far but is keen to get creative and may even be encouraged to commit to posting once a day. However she is experiencing the typical writers block and nerves that any new blogger faces in the first month.

I am far from an expert on the subject of blogging. However I have managed to sustain my initial enthusiasm and currently post at least once a day.  I often have writers block but I have always pushed myself to keep writing. I have enjoyed the experience and appreciate this outlet for my creativity and want to share the advive I have offered my sister with anyone who is new to blogging and the wordpress community.

To all new bloggers – for what it is worth – this is my advice:

1/ Create a great “About” page: Nothing is more off-putting than one of those “this is an example of a page” messages. As a visitor to any new site; I tend to read recommended posts, maybe check out a few recent posts and I ALWAYS read the About page – this is how I can decide if it is a site I wish to follow and/or recommend. You will alter this regularly (as I do) as you start to generate followers and recognise what is unique about your site.

2/ Make sure you add categories and tags to all posts: This gives readers a quick way of accessing the topics you write about that they are most interested in reading. This is especially important if your blog is ecclectic and jumps from topic to topic. It is also a good way of making sure your Blog comes up in online searches.

3/ Write regularly: If you have written nothing new there is no reason for new visitors to check out your site and as a lot of people will check out more than one post when they visit. Remember, just because your post on that particular day is not a literary masterpiece doesnt mean new visitors wont stumble across some of you better work.

4/ Check out Freshly pressed: After all the more blogs you read and like and/or follow the more people will want to check out what you have written and its good for inspiration.

5/ Read a few random blogs each day: You expect people to read what you have written so return the favour.

6/ Use Social Media to drive site traffic: When you are ready to share your blog with close friends and family (and it is common to not want to do this straight away) – tag it on facebook and other social media sites. I personally took a long time to develop the confidence to do this but it really paid off and I discovered that my friends were very supportive and keen to read what I had writen.

7/ Read the Daily Post: This is a wealth of information about generating site traffic but also provides daily prompts and creative photo and writing challenges that will help you generate ideas for your blog.

8/ Postaday: If you are posting once a day, tag your posts with postaday and add a badge – this made a significant difference to my stats when I first started.

9/ Be unique: Do not be afraid to discuss your personal passions. Both myself and FFOMC receive regular visitors viewing the most obscure topics that we have written about.

10/ Try the 30 day challenge below:

30 day blog challengeWe all need ideas from time to time and getting started is the most difficult part. Once you have established a habit you will find is easier to come up with topics but the list above is a great way of creating content right at the beginning – I wish I had a copy when I first started out!




5 responses

2 06 2013

Great tips.

2 06 2013
Pete Denton

Great advice. I wish when I started blogging that I have a clue what I was doing! Still not sure I do 🙂

2 06 2013

I know the feeling!

3 06 2013
Emma Newman

oh! That 30 day blogging challenge looks great! So giving it a shot 🙂

3 06 2013

I cant remember who gave it to me. I didnt actually use it but would have loved this list when I first started!

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