100 Follows

1 06 2013

FollowAs of 10mins ago I have 100 followers of my Blog.

I am delighted to reach this milestone but especially so because my latest follower…


…is my baby sister.

It turns out that I have inspired her to have a go at blogging as an outlet for her creativity and after only 4 posts she finally plucked up the courage to tell me tonight and she clicked the all important follow button.

I would be so grateful if any regular readers would check out what she has written to help her get started in her blogging journey.

I have set her a 30 day blogging challenge but I am sure she would be grateful for any comments you may have offering her the benefit of your expertise.

Good luck Hee-Ha, I will definitely be one of your regular readers 🙂





4 responses

1 06 2013

hi…could you please send me a 30 day challenge?? in need of “random” lol

1 06 2013

check out my blog tomorrow 🙂

2 06 2013

Congratulations on 100 followers. I am 3 away from that marker, so I should join you soon.

2 06 2013


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