Meet the Bings

27 05 2013

The Bings

Comedy Central has kept FFOMC and I entertained today with reruns of Friends. But each weekend they select a theme to inform the episode choices and today “Meet the Bings” was the title. Monica and Chandler took centre stage as 10 years worth of reruns walked audiences through the various stages of their relationship.

I would love to do this with my own life. It would be pretty amazing to revisit my “greatest hits”.

I have had great fun reminiscing and coming up with my own selected episodes outlining how our relationship has grown over the years.

  • The one when we first met. I walked into the pub where he worked in full 80’s costume ready for a theme night out with his best friend. He greeted us with frizzy hair standing on end and chef whites stained with a colourful range of sauces. We were equally unimpressed.
  • The one with the nachos. FFOMC used to pay regular visits to the cinema where I worked before we got together. He got into a habit of bringing in nachos that we would munch together in the back row before the film started.
  • The one when we got together. He and some other friends came to keep me company while I was house-sitting. We spent the whole night talking and the entire next day together.
  • The one with the car crash. He met my parents when my dad was in a car crash and we made a sudden trip over to check he was OK.
  • The one with the bad karaoke. FFOMC discovered his own personal hell when he attended a karaoke evening where a group of musical theatre students performed Queens Bohemian Rhapsody.
  • The one with the graduation. I walked out in my graduation robes to discover him in a shirt and tie with ill fitting faded jeans and leather jacket combo.
  • The one when I got a job away from home. A six month acting contract living away from home was a great opportunity but it was really hard being away from each other for so long.
  • The one with the friendship rings. It was hard being separated because of work so during a short break we exchanged friendship rings to symbolise our commitment to each other.
  • The one with the engagement. Decision made to get married we made the trip to Norn Iron so FFOMC could ask my father’s permission. When they were left alone Dad simply turned to him and said “you can have her”.
  • The one when we moved into our flat. Just three months before we tied the knot we found our own place together. We have lived here ever since.
  • The one with the hen and stag nights. Messy! FFOMC started drinking at noon before heading to a comedy club in London and I had a Vicar and Whores themed evening with my friends in a restaurant followed by a local nightclub.
  • The one with the wedding. The best day of our lives, so far!

Great days. Wonderful memories. And the best is yet to come.





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6 08 2013
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6 08 2013

Just had a look – really interesting stuff. Must try to pay it a visit some time.

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