26 05 2013


I have never been someone who has coped well with the aspects of my life that our outside of my control. As such I have a tendency to obsess over the things that are within my power.

I also have a deep love of things that I can track and monitor. Monitoring DATA is definitely one of my guilty pleasures.

Sometimes these obsessions are very healthy and have a positive impact on my daily life; but on other occassions they are more destructive and lead me into more dare I say it…obesssive behaviour.

Taking my personal finances as an example: it is of course beneficial for me to keep track of the APR on my credit cards; but, it is a poor idea to continuously scrutinise my savings and agonise over how many months it will take me to raise a desposit for my own home. In both scenarios I benefit financially as these obsessions can have a positive impact on my bank balance. However in terms of affecting change – I only earn so much each month – so constantly berating myself about the state of my finances does nothing for my emotional health.



We are all faced with an overwhelming amount of data on a daily basis that places each of us in a particular category. For example:

JOB: inadequate – satisfactory – good – outstanding

FINANCES: poor – fair – good – excellent

WEIGHT: underweight – average – overweight – obese

RELATIONSHIP STATUS: single – co-habiting – married – divorced

WORK: unemployed – self employed – employed – billionaire playboy/girl


While I unfortunately tend to buy into these systems – attempting at all costs to control the figures to ensure that I am in the optimum category for each aspect of my life…I cannot help but wonder…wouldnt it be easier to simply…be?

I am not going to have a personality transplant as a result of this post but it has made me reflect on the things that I value and the  high value I place on being top of each and every list I could possibly be placed on. There is no point in playing the game if you dont want to win but maybe – just maybe – some of the games in life just arent worth playing.






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