Friendship comes from the strangest places

19 05 2013


I am blessed with many great friends. But as I have gotten older I have realised that the value of the alliances I have made in my life have been variable.

The people I am most blessed to have as a presence in my life are also sometimes the most unlikely.

One of my best friends is – quite frankly – total fruit-loops with a healthy dose of nut-bar!

But I love her to pieces and cannot imagine what my life would look like without her.

She challenges me in ways I never imagined were possible. She picks up on every miniscule mistake I make and makes my life intollerably difficult on occassion; but she is also my rock, a shoulder to cry on, the voice of reason and I can be more honest with her than almost any other individual in my life.

Did I mention that she also drives me nuts?

Friendship is a strange thing. We rely on people in our lives to appreciate our successes, encourage our dreams, support us in our failures and offer guidance and support when we feel lost. Another thing we can rely on is their honesty.

My friend listens attentively to my problems and offers a shoulder to cry on. She celebrates my successes even when they conflict with her own desires. She has shared with me her vulnerablity despite being terrified of being perceived as weak.

In the grand scheme of things I have know her for a comparatively short period of time only 4 years or so. But I have shared my secrets with her and in turn she has trusted me to keep hers despite being a deeply private person.

I am thankful for her presence in my life and would do almost anything for her.

Here’s to friendship – whatever irrational, unpredictable form it may take. And to one of the best friends I have ever had – look after yourself, be strong and never forget how much I value you despite the fact that you drive me absolutely crazy!




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