18 05 2013


Up until the point when I woke up this morning I wasnt sure if I was going in to my Saturday job today.

But I did not want to let them down for the second weekend in a row and figured – its only 3 hours of my life whats the worst that can happen.

On arrival I was informed that an inspector was paying us an impromptu visit.

I think it is safe to say that I was not at my best and while the overall result for the school was good – I have not yet received my individual feedback. Truth be told -I am tired of tick boxes and constant scrutiny in every aspect of my life. Life does not come in a one size fits all format. Even if it did, we are all going to have off days and as in the 8/9 years that I have had this p/t job and undergone many inspections, I have yet to be given a set of criteria by which I am assessed; this makes it somewhat difficult to engage with the process and take it seriously.

Some days I can really understand the draw of being self employed.






4 responses

18 05 2013
happy parent

do not fear LTL we know you a do a great job regardless of how you are feeling and we are proud of the schools results , keep up the good work ….. see me after lesson !!!

18 05 2013

Always good to hear from a happy parent – you are a rare breed!

18 05 2013

Tests without questions! What sort of inspection was it?

19 05 2013

Well apparently I did OK but still it would be nice to know the assessment criteria!

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