The worst voice-over job ever

16 05 2013

Kitchen Nightmares

FFOMC and I enjoy tuning in to Gordon Ramsey’s Kitchen Nightmares. Having both worked in the restaurant trade at one point or another we both feel that we have some understanding of the issues raised in each episode and the problems exposed by Ramsey seem rather obvious to us from the comfort of our living room sofa.

However the highlight of each episode for us is definitely the voice over artist.

He delivers the narrative with all the pomp and ceremony usually reserved only for a blockbuster movie featuring high speed car chases, gunfire and hand to hand combat sequences.

Every single episode is the “most explosive episode ever”. In the pre-amble it always appears that Gordon has no chance of ever getting through to the ignorant restaurant owners and the audience is promised scenes of high intensity and conflict.

The show does deliver. However, given the hype and high expectations of viewers can we bear to watch if the next episode turns out to not be “the most explosive show ever”?

The voice-over artist must cringe ever time he has to repeat the same old sound bites. There must be a moment in every career where we question what we are doing with our lives. How many times does the poor guy have to state that the next episode is “the most explosive episode ever” before he is left totally bereft of any sense of professional dignity?

We love voice-over guy. He makes even the most mundane daily occurrence feel like a life or death scenario and while he does not furnish us with any new insight into the events as they unfold – he does bestow a sense of urgency and passion that is disproportionate to the restaurant trade.

I look forward to hearing voice-over guys dulcet tones in the next episode which I am reliably informed is the most explosive episode EVER!






4 responses

20 05 2013

We dropped by and would like to send you a post card! See our I WANNA GO page for details. Thanks for having us!

20 05 2013

Thanks for stopping by and checking out zehirablog.
Road trip is a really cool idea! I am happy for you to send me a postcard. Good luck with it all 🙂

23 05 2013
Sammy B

Haha, I know what you mean about the voice-over, he certainly makes the show worth watching in my opinion!

10 07 2013

I have to say… some of the voice over remarks are cringe-worthy to say the least! I do love watching the show though 🙂

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