Theme tune for today

13 05 2013


I have always felt that the greatest improvement to my day to day life would be the introduction of a theme tune to signal my arrival and identify my mood on any given day.

As is perhaps evident from my latest posts – coursework season is upon me and I am feeling the strain.

I advise my classes to make judgements about just how stressed they should be about their attainment by listening to the music I am blasting through my overworked car stereo on my arrival at work each morning. This time last year my greatest hits were from the cannon of Slipknot, SOAD and Korn. And yes those kids should have been extremely worried!! Unfortunately they were not hence my need for release.

This year the dulcet tones of the Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Green Day and Matchbox 20 have seen much more action. Whilst there is no comparason to the level of panic and nausea I was feeling last year – this is still a challenging time of year and I am struggling to come up with a song choice to reflect my mood on my morning journey into work.

Whilst my inner rock goddess is screaming for me to pay homage to her – I am in favour of any alternatives that will calm me and keep me sane until this crazy month has come to an end.

Maybe Monty Python’s “Always Look on the Bright Side of Life“?

Of course if I am really lucky FFOMC will make me a new mix tape – after all he is best placed to judge my moods!

All alternative suggestions greatfully received!




One response

14 05 2013

Do you like “Florence + the Machine?” I find that singing along really loud to her music in the morning helps keep me sane. I only have “Ceremonials” but I’ve heard great things about “Lungs,” too.

P.S. I nominated you for a Sunshine award today. 🙂
The “rules” are here:

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