The future father of my children…wants to become an extreme couponer

12 05 2013

couponsA little late this week but – FFOMC has been seduced by the massive savings achieved by extreme couponers on TLC’s reality show and has declared his interest in extreme couponing.

It is hard not to fantasize about the different lifestyle choices that could be made if there was more money available. The weekly food shop is a massive financial drain in any household and with finances still extremely tight in times of austerity, we are all looking for ways to reduce our expenses.

I must admit that for some time now I have not been managing our food shopping particularly well. I used to place an order online every month and have our food and household necessities delivered. I have got out of the habit and we are using the local more expensive convenience stores more regularly which has increased our monthly outgoings on these products.

However even if I was placing these monthly orders and benefiting from my membership cards and offers available to me I doubt if I could reduce my bill achieving a 75% plus saving. In fact many of the pros in the couponing world can take home hundreds of pounds worth of goods but pay nothing at the till.

It occurs to me that if FFOMC is intent on being a house husband then this may be a good project for him to take on.

Based purely on information gleaned from the program, he would need to consider the following:

Working Hours: Dedicated couponers seem to work on average 50 hours a week.

Resources: He would need to use a range of strategies for collecting coupons these may include:

  • Collecting magazines and newspapers
  • Online research
  • Copies of store policy about redeeming coupons
  • Dumpster diving

Coupon Organisation: He would need to purchase a coupon binder and create a filing system to ensure he did not miss any of the deals on offer.

Stock Pile: FFOMC would need to clear a space to amass his stock pile of goods (I would suggest his computer room!)

If he does decide to accept this challenge he will also be able to relax in the knowledge that he is still contributing to the financial health of his household despite his dream of “stay at home status”.

If however, having considered all the ligistics he decides against couponing – I have discovered at least one type of coupon that Fathers will always collect and treasure.

Fathers day coupon book




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