Home Alone

11 05 2013


The picture attached is my current view of my living room floor.

I have just spent a very civilised afternoon marking coursework.

Now while this is not the most exciting way I could spend my Saturday, it is a necessary evil in my job and it is not as simple as it may appear. The marking required is more than a simple tick or cross, I need interpret what has been written so the task requires focus. It is best to do as much as you can in one hit without interuption.

I also have my own system. This involves having reruns of Friends on TV in the background. While this may appear counter productive I will explain the method behind my madness. I mark a piece of work then switch off my brain for 15min whilst watching Friends the mark another section and so on and so forth. My husband (known as FFOMC to regular readers), thinks this is stupid system. However the reason I approach marking in this way is the paperwork.

15mins of mindless TV means I kind of forget the previous piece of work and the comments I have written enough to avoid repetition on the forms I need to complete about each student. By marking a body of work in a single sitting the style of my writing and standards are consistent but I do not merge the work together in my mind.

It works for me but it does require me to be alone.

I sent FFOMC to watch football at a friends house. We were originally meant to go together but I was not very well anyway.

I think he may have felt a bit put out, but I got through loads of work! Feeling very virtuous. It is not yet complete but it no longer seems an insurmountable task and he will have enoyed some quality time with friend instead of having me sniping at him every time he asks an innocent question that disturbs my train of thought.




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