Good Cop Bad Cop

9 05 2013

good-cop-bad-copWord of advice…

…do NOT play good cop bad cop with a Drama teacher.

Our job is to read your body, facial expressions and tone of voice. We will know if it is a performance and you will look a bit of a dipstick.

It will also make it difficult for us to build a relationship with you based on trust.

This has happened to me a few times recently and has not generated the anticipated outcome of the participants. If you want to tell me off be honest about it and I will respect you more. Showcasing your poor acting skills is not generally a successful means of “getting through to me” in fact it generally manages to bring out my rebelious side even more.

The situations I am referring to are hardly life altering and I do not wish to appear difficult, but I hate politics. Say ot like it is and dont play games.

That is all.




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