Mind the gap

3 05 2013


Regular readers will have realised that Blogging has brought out my competitive spirit.

Over the last few months I have become totally addicted to my stats screen.

I am of course mindful of the fact that monitoring my most popular topics could be used to inform my choice of topics in an attempt to manipulate my site statistics but much as I want to engage readers I do not want this to stand in the way of my personal progress and I want to explore a range of topics and styles of writing before I settle on any specific genre or theme. This personal project has been a fantastic outlet for my creativity and I have some way to go before I will consistently attract large numbers of regular readers.

In my job role as a Drama teacher I have realised that the best work usually starts with the statement ” This may not work, but…

I want to explore many ideas that dont work in the quest for the gems and moments of inspiration that define great writers. I try to reflect my mood and obsessions as they arise each day. I love the pressure of my goal to post once a day and some of my most creative posts have been the product of the last minute panic to write SOMETHING at 11:59pm.

However back to my competitive streak – my husband is a fellow blogger and despite his more irratic approach he is still 1532 views ahead of me!

I am determined to overtake him in time for my 1 year blogging anniversary in July.

I need to generate some good material to achieve this goal as he has been lucky enough to stumble across some really niche topics that continue to attract readers months after they were first posted simply because there is only limited information online anywhere else.




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