If you go into the woods today…

2 05 2013


In a far and distant land; beyond the valley of the shadow of coursework, you must venture beyond the border of insomnia and despair and there; you will find hope. The journey is trecherous and only those with an iron nerve and a steadfast devotion will pass through unscathed by the terrors of what seems to be an eternity of night.  But the lucky few who survive the journey, discover in the midst of the deepest shadows, a shining beacon of light known only as ‘The Dream’.

I am caught in the grip of my coursework induced hell. Bound fast, I have attempted to struggle against the shackles that restrain me. They bite into my wrists and I am powerless, totally at the mercy of my captors. There was a time when an arched eyebrow and a sharp rebuke had them cowering in terror but as soon as they spied an escape route, with an end in sight, they rejected those who sought to deliver them from evil, and ever since, chaos has reigned.

It is now a waiting game…

The end will come, and a new generation will rise from the ashes scattered by those who went before them. My hopes and prayers are solely focused on the premise that they will take today’s harsh lessons on board as they begin to build their own bright future.

This new band of vicious sprites and mischievous fairies declared battle today. For now they will spare my continued suffering and release me from torment as we share our quest of pursuing “The Dream”.




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