The future father of my children…is learning to drive.

1 05 2013

Learner Driver

At the tender age of 33 FFOMC is finally learning to drive.

He did have lessons back when he was 17 but he ran out of money and never actually took a test, relying instead on his Mother to get him from A to B at the time. Then his best friend got a driving licence meaning that any motivation for him to actually learn himself, went out the window. We got together when we were 20 years old and I passed my test just before we got married at 25 – so he effectively replaced one taxi service with another.

To be fair he, has never needed to drive for work purposes. We live in an area with a great train connection and his journey is not too complex. But over the years I have become increasingly frustrated with being the designated driver on EVERY; shopping trip, night out, visit to his family, wedding, etc. It is time for him to step up and chaffeur me round for a change.

But with regards the prospect of parenthood – I definitely draw the line at the idea at needing to have one of our friends on speed dail should I ever go into labour – that is definitely an unacceptable arrangement. But after the issue of getting me safely to the hospital to give birth I think it would be a huge ask for me to remain as the only designated driver in our household while our future children grow up.

As I understand it; school runs, ballet/karate classes and kids birthday parties, are often the reasons that the parents I know describe themselves as glorified taxi services – a responsibility usually shared by husband and wife.

As I have no desire to become a glorified taxy driver; the future father of my children – MUST BE A DRIVER!

He is progressing well in lessons and has a good relationship with his instructor “Clive”. I paid for his provisional licence and bought his first 10 hours of lessons as a Christmas present and I have booked and paid for his theory test at the end of this month. Asuming he is successful he can take his practical test 4 weeks later. He is actually starting to get quite excited about the prospect of driving and has high hopes of getting his licence by the summer.

Unfortunately his newfound enthusiasm, fuelled by my funding a lot of this process, may have resulted in his belief that I should buy him a car for his birthday this month.

This was definitely not part of my plan!






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14 06 2013
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14 06 2013

You really do live in cloud cuckoo land darling.

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